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Oakwood High School –  Year 7 and Year 9 Online Subject Parents Evening will be held on Wednesday 21st April 2021. Please check on Go4Schools and work with your child to identify the Subjects/Teachers you would like to see. Further information on how to access your appointments will be sent nearer the time.

The booking system is now open. Please click on the link to access:- https://oakwoodhighschool.parentseveningsystem.co.uk/


Staff Briefing

Friday song This week’s song is dedicated to all of you who have been, or will be, spending some time on your appearance this week!

Reflection of the Week

It’s Friday, week one of the seven week half term complete and week one of Phase 2 of the road map underway. Although we have not had the same benefit of being on the Easter break as our teaching colleagues in Sheffield, we can at least look forward to a weekend when the sun will shine in a cafe or beer garden nearby. If that’s not your thing, there are the non-essential shops to visit and even a haircut or a nail manicure to look forward to. Whatever your preference of our new found freedoms, you have earned the couple of days rest. There is also the matter of the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral; these events always cause a mixture of opinions, but at times of loss it does remind us all of the value of family and friends and making the most of every opportunity.

This week I carried out an assembly marathon, with eight assemblies over the first day and a half of the new term. Assemblies are so important to bring pupils together and share important messages. Despite our very best efforts, there is nothing that can replace getting pupils in the hall and delivering the assembly live. The theme of the assembly was ‘respect’. In the few weeks we were back before Easter, it was evident that, although pupils were generally coping well, a significant number were struggling to adapt to interacting properly and appropriately with each other, and, in some ways, had become more self-centred, struggling with meeting some of our basic expectations. Respect and relationships are core to our ethos and, for these to successfully occur, people need to be able to interact face-to face with each other. I also shared the wider global issues around respect, and how people are marginalised and made to feel excluded or unsafe as a result of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Pupils have an individual responsibility to be respectful, to other people, as well as themselves. As educators we have the responsibility to model this and to address issues when they arise, especially comments passed off as ‘banter’, be these ‘sexist’, ‘racist’, ‘transphobic’ or ‘homephobic’. 

At a day-to-day level, pupils were reminded about the basic expectations around uniform, phones, equipment, punctuality, the quality of their work, litter and their conduct around the building and in the community. Meeting these basic expectations transmits a clear signal to other people about their own self-respect and how having respect for themselves and others has a positive impact on other people’s wellbeing as well as their own mental health.

Walking around school during Parents’ Evening on Tuesday, helping Simon keep staff supplied with chocolate, gave me a great insight into how, as a staff, we forge those positive relationships and build trust and respect, with pupils but also with parents. The conversations were not only professional, but also warm, welcoming and supportive. I know if that was happening in school, it was also happening with all the conversations taking place from home. I know parents’ events can lead to long days and to have one so soon after a break can be a shock to the system, but thank you to everyone for your hard work and amazing warm professionalism.

Tuesday also saw the start of Ramadan, thank you to those staff who have volunteered to help supervise pupils in the Main Hall. It is clear that they appreciate that we have provided them with a space to help support them with their fasting and, who knows, by the time we get to Eid, someone might be able to beat Shafquat at table-tennis!

Our respectful and supportive culture was very much recognised this week when our Chair of Governors was involved in three separate governor’s behaviour panels. She commented on how she was humbled by the care, consideration and diligence shown by the staff; how they were empathetic with the parents and pupils (and patient with her!) demonstrating such respect for all of them, despite the situation. She expressed how moved and touched she was by their dedication and advocacy for our pupils, commenting ‘you really are harnessing and enabling some amazing members of staff to mould our future adults, thank you!’. This approach, taken by Simon Willey, Dave Bennett and Michelle Bowater does not happen by accident; it is credit to how we all adhere to these principles and make this approach and positive culture possible at Oakwood.

As we head into the weekend at the end of a busy week (I have not even mentioned the seamless running of the vaccinations by Beth and the ongoing Year 11 assessments that are now embedded into our weekly schedule), I hope you have time to draw breath, relax and enjoy the sunshine. Have a good day and a lovely weekend.

Today: Congratulations to Aliya Qaddar who was successful in securing promotion to the role of Level 3 EAL Learning Support. This role will start on Monday 19th April.

Enrich & Inspire assembly in the main hall for selected Y8 pupils.

Message for PLTs

Tutors are asked to remind pupils this morning and then all staff to reinforce this during every school day:

blazers should be worn when moving around the building at all times. They can be removed in class if a pupil feels warm.

As the weather gets warmer I will review this, but only when there is an official announcement from me will this change.

In addition, can staff also check pupils are correctly dressed as they leave their classroom. Yesterday, I picked up a small number of pupils wearing hoodies, either in class or as they left their lesson. A collective effort on this now, lightens the workload over this term.

Any pupils who are having trouble changing their passwords or logging back into their Chromebooks need to be sent down to 1.24 and 1.19 where the IT team will help and support them. 

Funday Friday-Quiz-sent by NKI

PLT Star of the Week-deadline reminder

Next week-  

Monday – Briefing 3.00pm

Tuesday No meeting due to parents evening on Wednesday

Wednesday – Y7 & Y9 Parents Evening.

Thursday –  Subject morning briefings, reiterate messages in briefings and subject-specific business.

Friday – 

Broadcast Assembly Graduation checkpoint and Oakwood Olympics launch BLI. This should be shown from Wednesday.

I heard a Wispa 

Adam Senior for designing the Enrich and Inspire logo during his holidays.

Alasdair Grant and Sami Fletcher for facilitating the Y8 reading tests during Computer Science lessons.

Alan Coley for always being there for the ARC team.

Michaela Baker for picking up a GCSE class at the drop of a hat to support RS.

Liza Melvin for being such an amazing team member and supporting other colleagues with compassion and empathy. Go super Melv!

Emma Heafield and Harriet Lichfield as they have refreshed last year’s Y7 Virtual Transition Booklet, which will now be updated into the new Y7 Welcome Pack which Liz Lonsdale has been putting together. We can’t wait for Liz’s final version!

Beth Reading for the vaccinations. They ran really smoothly and Beth managed the pupils all on her own! She also had to deal with lots of pupils passing out (Just to add to the pressure)! As always she did an amazing job! 

Gold Wispa

Nicola Moorhouse for sorting all the admin for the Y8 reading tests, dealing with the Wonde issues and preparing the Centre Assessment Policy for JCQ. 

Copy of Password Reset Email

Dear All,

Further to Jordan’s email, Y7 & 8 pupils all have at least one lesson in a classroom with desktop computers, however not all Y9 & 10 pupils do. Y11s should not be affected.

Tomorrow, in tutor, please could you allow any pupils who have not yet managed to reset their passwords on a desktop to do so on the classroom desktop. The pupils then need to follow the steps set out in Jordan’s email to log back into their Chromebooks.

At the moment, temporarily, we cannot reset the passwords. If a child is still struggling to log on/ change the password/ has messed up a step, please send the child/ren down to 1.24/ 1.19 in a mask, with the Chromebook.

There, the IT team will be waiting to help.

There are extra members of the IT team in school tomorrow morning to support the resolution of this issue and prevent any further disruption to learning in school and at home.

Thank you for your patience and support.

I just hope the Funday Friday Quiz can still be completed!



For your convenience, a copy of Jordan’s previous email is below.

Pupils need to update their password on a PC at your earliest convenience. This is so that they can continue to access the internet without interruption on their Chromebook.

During this issue staff will not be able to use the password reset tool to reset pupil passwords

Here is a useful guide on the new password requirements. 

Once a pupil has changed their password on a PC they will then need to sign out and back in with their old and new passwords onto their Chromebook, please see below for the instructions.

Please log in to a desktop PC with your existing user credentials.

The PC will say that your password has expired and you need to create a new one:

Click OK, and in the two empty boxes, type in a matching new password which has to be at least 10 characters long and have at least 1 of the following: Capital letter/lower case letters/number/special character. Once the new password has been accepted, click OK.

Go to your Chromebook and log in using your old password. 

You should then see this “Sign-In Error”:

Click sign out.

Once you have returned to the login screen, click on the red Sign-in Required box:

Log in with your new credentials. 

Your Chromebook may ask for your old password:

If you cannot remember your old password, click on “Forgot your Old Password’ and then ‘Proceed anyway”

Your access should now be restored.