Staff Briefing


COVID update: There is a rise in cases locally. If you have symptoms please feel free to get a test kit from reception. If you test positive the guidance is that you isolate for five days

4th July SLT Work Sampling (teachers have been emailed)

Rowan-Brenan Holmes-Watson (boy, SEND, dis) -3.7

Keyaan Jarvis-Yasser (boy dis, SEND) -2.7

Dawid Dudzik (EAL, dis, boy) -2.7

All are HPA.

Control pupil: Charlie Davis (boy, SEND) -0.15

Y10 pupils on work experience this week due to having not had the opportunity in January due to covid restrictions.  The list was circulated last Monday.

Y10: Geography has two river trips out this week. Monday and Wednesday. EHA has sent the list of pupils via email. Pupils are expected to attend tutor so they can be registered but can they be dismissed at 9:00am to meet in the dining room. Pupils will not return to school for the remainder of the day. They are expected to catch up on any missing work. 

Missing LRC Chromebooks

LRC Chromebooks are only for pupils with broken devices, or new pupils without devices yet. Please do not send any pupils to the LRC who have ‘just forgotten’ theirs. As a school we invest over £40K a year to provide pupils with devices, they need to take ‘responsibility’ and ensure they have their own with them and that is is charged up.

Uniform and punctuality expectations

Thank you everyone for all your efforts to stay on top of the uniform. Even with the odd days when it has been hot, the pupils are wearing blazers and even shirts are tucked in for many. Continue to use a blend of praising those getting it right and pulling those up that are looking dishevelled.

Pupils also are making an effort to get to lessons on time. Continue to log those that arrive after the bell. 

The immunisation team will be in school for an additional full day on Tuesday 5th July to administer the Meningitis, DTP and 2nd dose HPV vaccines to the remaining Y9 pupils. They will arrive around 8.45, and be based in the Sports Hall, and pupils will be collected from your lessons when the nurses are ready to see them. If possible, it would be really helpful if class teachers could accompany their class to the sports hall to help manage behaviour. As always, we will try to keep disruption to a minimum.

Assemblies: House Awards/Senior Pupil Leader introduction

Monday- Briefing 8.25am Main Hall

Y10 Educational Visit, Geography, Rivers Fieldwork Trip, Burbage Brook, Derbyshire

Geography Pupils

Y9 Educational Visit, Sheffield Hallam University – Festival of Maths, Maths Pupils

Tuesday- Vaccination catch up Year 9 pupils

Y10 Educational V, Sheffield Hallam University – Festival of Maths

Maths Pupils

Learning Zone meeting

Wednesday- Y10 Educational Visit, Geography, Rivers Fieldwork Trip, Burbage Brook, Derbyshire Geography Pupils

Thursday-  Educational Visit –  Northern Fashion Week, Y9/Y10 Textiles Textile Pupils

Talent Leadership, 1.32 – Leading CPR

Friday- INSET 8.30am to 2.00pm

Staff (plus a few ringers)  v Y11 TRC 2.30pm

  • Below are links to the programme for the July INSET.

INSET July 8th

Half-termly Focuses

T&L and CPR have joined forces again  for this term

T&L and CPR Focus- Consistent Steps to Success 

Some of the Edurio survey reveals comments about staff not applying  consistency and how this adds extra burdens to those staff upholding consistent expectations. This term, we all absolutely need to work together. Middle leaders and SLT will be monitoring and you may receive notification of the expectations not being upheld or to praise your exemplary upholding of expectations. These expectations are not new, we need to push them together to prevent slippage.

Consistent Steps to Success 

SEND Weekly Focus:  

Meeting the needs of children with Autism within the classroom – 

To know what Autism is:

How it affects the way we learn

Ways to support

Language used


Continuing the theme from last term.  Keeping our young people safe in what is an ever evolving technological world and young people finding themselves socialising and meeting new people on many online platforms is paramount.  If we can keep ourselves up to date with online safeguarding we are better positioned to have informed discussions with our young people and their parents. If we can promote dialogue and understanding, we can empower and enable our young people to make safe and healthy choices.

Announcements from the floor

Blooper Award 

After organising a wonderful Prom and staying to the end to pack everything away, Jess to her horror realised she had locked her keys in her boot. This resulted in her boy friend having to come out with a spare set and Jess not getting home until 12.45am