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School will close for the summer break at 1.00pm on Friday 16th July 2021.

GCSE Results – Year 11 pupils, results will be available from 10.00am onwards on Thursday 12th August 2021.  Year 10 pupils, from 11.00am onwards.  These will be sent to pupils via their school email accounts.

If you have any questions please email exams@oakwood.ac  

We wish you all the very best and hope you enjoy the summer break.


Staff Briefing

Friday songAnother vintage 70’s anthem and the only one we can play today (unless you are Simon and sadly only MC Miker G & DJ Sven “Holiday Rap” will do!!).

Reflection of the Week

So it is finally here, the Friday in the year that every teacher looks forward to. When I met the NQTs last week, to review their year, I tried to articulate the feeling you get as you walk away on the Friday afternoon of the summer term with the sense of excitement, then (coupled for some with a slightly sore head), when you wake up on the first Saturday morning of the summer holidays. Working in schools can be hard, it is also rewarding, an emotional rollercoaster and this year has been the biggest ride any of us will have experienced. For that reason the holidays are important to recharge and reconnect. It has been difficult this year, with varying restrictions limiting what we do and where we go. Of course Monday brings the end of restrictions and in the words of The Soup Dragons, ‘we are free to do whatever we want, any old time’ (another contender for the Friday song), that is unless of course you are travelling in and around London, Scotland or Wales. The lifting of these restrictions will on the whole be seen as a positive, but I am also conscious that there will still be people who are nervous about this next step. I hope that as our liberties return, people also continue to exercise caution and a modicum of common sense.

The summer holiday is especially important, it should be a time to put away the planning and marking, close the laptop and switch off the emails, at least for a good proportion of the time. For professional support colleagues, who continue to work through the summer, hopefully you will find time to get the jobs done that you can’t do when the rest of us and the pupils are around and you also get some down time too. This year has been an incredible team effort, where everyone has had to be resourceful and resilient. Reflecting back, it would have not been possible to arrive at this point without the collective effort and demonstration each day of the Oakwood ethos. The respect given and modelled, the amazing relationships built with our pupils and their families has been the glue that has held us together. Not all organisations have fared as well during these difficult times, I believe that everyone has helped Oakwood to get to a place where on our return in September we can look forward with renewed vigour and optimism.

This term we have tried to keep a degree of normality alive and return to some of the things that make a real difference for pupils in school. Transition has been the start of this, it was great to see Year 11 in Maths and Science on Tuesday morning, engaged and ready to learn. One pupil commented, ‘I have enjoyed transitioning as it has felt like a fresh start after a really long year’. What has been really clear from my walks around school is the commitment by staff to ensure learning and expectations are of the highest quality and there has been no evidence of end of term, let alone end of year fatigue.

We have also continued to recognise the success and engagement of our pupils. Thank you to Lauren Taylor, who despite the weather on Monday and Tuesday, remained outwardly calm and put on a great series of reward events for pupils in PE. We have also had the traditional end of term House challenge. What a surprise that was for Year 7, welcome to Oakwood, this is how we do things here and how we like to have fun at the end of term. We also had the attendance assemblies on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was great to see so many pupils who have engaged 100% of the time and “Most improved” having this recognised. Thank you to Katie and her team for setting this up.

I would also like to thank Tess Wootton for the work she has done with our pupils on the B:Friend poetry booklet. A really worthwhile project, full of amazing pieces and thoughtful poems.

On a more serious note we have the safety assemblies from the Fire Service on Wednesday. For the first time we adopted a blended approach, with a small live audience and a live feed to all classrooms. The message was an important one and a reminder to our pupils about their responsibility to be respectful in the community and take responsibility for themselves. The vast majority of our young people aspire to this, but hopefully it also resonated with the small minority who sometimes make poor choices. Can I thank the IT team for supporting the set up, it went without a glitch and presents a possible model for the future when we have outside speakers for assemblies.

Finally on Thursday we had the Summer Gala. Thank you to Tracey and Jeremy for all their hard work with the School Council to get this in place and to all the staff who helped both set up and take part in some of the stalls. The weather was kind and there was a really great atmosphere during all the sessions. Inevitably throwing wet sponges at their favourite teachers was always going to be popular, well for them anyway!

I know I will reiterate this when we come together this afternoon, but I cannot thank you all enough for the endless hard work and commitment put into this year. It is now time to take a step back and for the duration of the time away from Oakwood try to live in the moment and savour every minute. The time we have with friends and family during a busy term is often in short supply and we have the ever presence of the next challenge or deadline looming. These last 18 months have been ‘exceptional’ and presented demands like never before, however, please remember, “yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.” – Alice Morse Earle

Have a good day, a great weekend and a fabulous break.

Funday Friday- 

PLT Star of the Week– deadline reminder

Next Week

HOLIDAY for most of us

SUMMER SCHOOL – Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to come in next week to support Summer School. We have 42 pupils signed up and an excellent programme of activities planned. A big thank you to Sam and Hayley for adding this to their to do list over the last month and making it happen.

End of Term Arrangements 

The breaks will be shortened on Friday to facilitate the earlier finish. 


Time Year Food  Dismissal Time
11:40am 7 Canopy Cabin Canopy gate 12:00pm
9 Main Hall Perform Gate
10 Dining-room Pupil Reception
12:05pm (no earlier) 11 Canopy Cabin Canopy Gate 12.15pm
8 Dining-room Pupil Reception

Y7: food from Canopy area, Y9: food from Main Hall and Y10- food from the dining-hall: break at 11.40am and we will dismiss them at 12pm, Y7 through the gate in the canopy area, Y10 through the pupil reception, Y9 through the Perform gate.

Y8: food from dining-hall & Y11: food from canopy area, send to break at 12.05pm (no earlier please) and we will start dismissing at 12.15pm, Y11 through the gate in the canopy area and Y8 through the pupil reception. 

All staff are to do their usual duties and any extra support would be appreciated. 

We hope to start light refreshments (soft drinks, packets of crisps) in the dining-hall at 12.30pm, before convening at the staff garden at 1pm. Please bring a chair that will need to be returned to the correct classroom before you leave, or a picnic blanket on which to sit. We have a few farewells to say, including the ceremonial planting of the tree in dedication to John Wilks. 

Please ensure you take enough testing kits for testing on your return in September. 

The school will be locked at 2.30pm

Friday 3rd September – INSET DAY

INSET Day 3rd September 2021


Time Focus Where & Who
8.30 – 9.00

9.00 – 9.30

9.30 – 10.00


New academic year welcome – CEC

TAGs & Trends- MOW, SFL (Class profiles & Exam reflection)

Talent Development- SHA

ARC Relaunch- LGR

All staff to hear the messages

Main hall

10.45 – 11.15 Break

Food provided by ABM

All staff

Dining hall

11.15 – 11.45 House Meetings

PSS staff – work directed by line manager

All Tutors and House support

House rooms

11.45 – 14.00 Zones discuss & reflect on headlines.

Preparations, e.g., curriculum sharing, Talent Development, vision, school principles, subject expectations, welcoming new colleagues.

Send Agendas to line managers by 16th July 21.

PSS staff – work directed by line manager

All staff linked to teaching- Subject Areas

In addition, testing for pupils will commence from 8.30am in the Sports Hall. This will involve our team of volunteers and some key staff.

Monday 6th – Pupils return to school

8.30am Staff Briefing – Main Hall

Year 7 Assembly

Tuesday Year 8 Assembly

Learning Zone – Exam results analysis, check completion of Y11 class profiles

Wednesday Staff Briefing (email) 

Year 9 Assembly

Thursday Year 10 Assembly

MRE – Preparation for exam reviews

Friday Staff briefing (email)

Year 11 Assembly

I heard a Wispa 

Angie Samuel for supporting Tess as she starts her new role as APL for Hoober.

Charlie Cleveley for going above and beyond with the KS3 curriculum planning.

Joanne Staniland for supporting a difficult incident which happened in Tess’ English class.

Ryan Davis for helping SFI to fill in her Y10 merit data after I had been stressing about the looming deadlines!

Victoria Sayer and Cathy Martinson for going above and beyond to support a pupil and their parents with science practicals, by putting together a take away box of practicals to help the pupils access science at home – AMI  could not have done it without them!

Katie Boid for organising the staff night out for investigate

Katie Riordan for organising the attendance reward events

Lauren Taylor for all her work organising the inflatable PE reward events

Tracey Gilman and Jeremy Bignell for all their hard work organising the Summer Gala

Lucie Oliver for helping out with a family emergency. Her unquestioning kindness was a real comfort in what was difficult situation

Jonathan Sharpe for his excellent Year 11 Leavers Assembly that went out last week, if you have not seen it, it’s worth a watch.


You all are, I hope you enjoyed the cakes and bakes that were in the staff room yesterday.